District-Wide Events Calendar

  • As you begin planning important dates, events, and celebrations for next school year, please INPUT YOUR DATES into a shared Google Calendar. Note: A calendar has been setup for your school and editing rights have been given to each principal's @rhschools.org Google. If you need assistance with your district-provided Google account, please contact Ginny Hedgpeth. If you would like additional administrators and/or support staff to have shared editing access to your school calendar, please contact Mychal Frost.

    Why develop a district-wide events calendar?

    1. A district-wide calendar of events will allow for better planning and coordination of events throughout the district, and we believe this will reduce duplicative efforts during the year when different departments and schools are seeking information about available dates and/or dates with few or many events planned. The district-wide calendar will only be as avaluable as the information input at the school level.
    2. A district-wide calendar of events creates an authoritative single source for events to viewed.

    Guidelines for inputting events

    1. When titling events, you must include your school initials so your event can be distinguished from other school events when an end-user is viewing multiple school calendars at once. For instance, an event entered by Rock Hill High School named Open House should be labeled RHHS Open House.
    2. For events with a known start time and end time, you are required to enter start and end times.
    3. For events with a location other than your school address, you are required to enter the location (i.e. name of venue or address) in the calendar entry.

    Guidelines for maintaining events

    1. Remember, the information is only as valuable and helpful when it is accurate.
    2. When events are cancelled or postponed, please remove or edit the calendar entry accordingly.
    3. When the time or location of an event changes, please update the calendar entry accordingly.

    What type of events should I enter?

    1. School-level events, including but not limited to School Improvement Council meetings, PTA/PTO meetings, academic or athletic booster meetings, school faculty meetings, school fundraising events such as "Zaxby's Night", fine arts programs such as plays, concerts, exhibitions or shows, school programs such as Beta Club induction and awards programs, family events and celebrations such as "grandparents lunch" or "Family Literacy Night," and athletic events.

    Thank you, in advance, for embracing this process to help Team Rock Hill improve in the Focus Area of Communication With All Stakeholders.