Employee Self Service Instructions

  • To check payroll and view your pay stub:

    • From the Payroll Actions tab, click on Check Inquiry.
    • Click on the calendar beside START DATE and go back to the beginning date that you want. Once you click on that date, the checks will come up in the list.
    • Double click on the date of the check you want to see
    • Scroll the screen up or over until you see in the top right corner, on the same line as CHECK DETAIL, the small printer icon – click on it to print.
    • Click on the X beside the printer icon to go back to the home page or use the back arrow.
    • When finished, be sure to sign out of ESS -at the top right of the screen, click on LOG OFF.

    Note: Please do not complete and submit Race information. We have this information. It just does not show in ESS.


    Instructions for LEAVE BALANCE INQUIRY (to show your leave balance for the previous month).

    • From the Personal Actions tab, click Leave and choose "Leave Balance" or "Leave History".
    • When finished, be sure to sign out of ESS -at the top right of the screen, click on LOG OFF.

    Note: Leave balance reflects information posted through the most recent pay period. For example: 01/25/21 is the last check date, then the leave is posted through December.

    • Personal leave comes out of your sick leave balance.
    • Each school year, you can use five Personal days.
    • In Employee Self Serve when you use a Personal day, you will see it come out of your Sick leave balance and out of the Personal leave balance. The date in ESS is the payroll date it was posted, not the absent date. Ex. A day taken in November will be posted on the December check date.
    • The Personal leave balance is just a counter to keep track of how many Personal days you have taken for the school year.


    *Users will have to be attached to the network with a wired connection or on the secure wireless network. The link will not work on the “Guest” wireless network. It should work from your home if you have a secure wireless network.